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About me


Hello! Racing Staff stands for professionalism in racing that leads your company to success. I work with a new mindset => Leadership on equal terms, whereby employees and their own competencies, skills and resilience are discovered, supported and strengthened.

During my many years in motorsports, I have developed a flexible and adaptable approach to finding solutions that enable my team and company to achieve their goals. As a successful racing and performance development engineer, I thrive in a demanding environment where we place great value on precision and attention to detail.

Your ideal solution

If you want to know more about me:

  • Team management

  • Project Planning (Budget and Timeline)

  • Managing finance and budgets

  • Team leadership

  • Quality Management & Fault control

  • Track Operation Race/Testing

  • Event set-up and management

  • Pitstop Performance and Training

  • Managing Race Pitstops

  • Race & Testing Engineer

  • Communication and lead with driver and crew

  • Planning all practice and test sessions

  • Managing in Race Pitstop

  • Race strategy

  • Data and Performance Analysis

  • Driver Analysis & Coaching

  • Data Performance Analytics

  • Race track analysis

  • Young driver advancement

„The greatest leader is not someone who is the only leader. The greatest leader is one who inspires others to be leaders.“

Performance engineer HWA AG / DTM / Affalterbach

  • GT3 Performance Engineer

  • Event setup

  • Vehicle engineer testing GT2/GT3/GT4

  • Test Planning & Test management

  • Personnel planning PE department

  • Budget planning

12/2019 – 04/2023

Race engineer HWA AG / DTM / Affalterbach

  • Project Manager DTM Pit Stop

  • Lead Fault Meetings Project DTM

  • Creating workflows and work plans

  • Garage lead of two DTM vehicles on the racetrack

12/2017 – 11/2019

Race engineer HWA AG / DTM / Affalterbach

  • Technical, strategic and logistical support DTM customer team ART at HWA AG, Affalterbach/Paris

  • Creating technical bulletins

  • Project manager DTM Pitstop

  • Runtime recording and documentation

  • Creating work plans and coordinating the construction of the racing vehicles

11/2014 – 12/2016

Race engineer HWA AG / DTM / Affalterbach

  • Coordination of building a racing vehicle

  • Vehicle tuning/setup of a racing vehicle

  • Responsible for a racing vehicle in racing use

  • Data analysis and reporting after each racing event

  • Project manager Pitstop DTM

11/2014 – 11/2011



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